Research Institute NTNM develops technologies for processing coal (CTL) and biomass (BTL), which allow converting various carbon-containing substances into synthetic liquid hydrocarbons.


Figure 1. Schematic block diagram of the conversion of carbonaceous substances into synthetic hydrocarbons


To conduct laboratory research, the Research Institute has developed two units for producing synthesis gas from biomass and coal. The installations make it possible to carry out studies of layered gasification and gasification of water-coal suspensions.




Key features of the technology:

  • New technological solutions at the stage of gasification, allowing the use of various carbon-containing substances as raw materials;
  • A new commercial hybrid hydrocarbon synthesis catalyst that allows the production of light synthetic oil;
  • Compatibility of the received products with natural oil;
  • Possibility of obtaining commercial arctic diesel fuel and aviation kerosene.

Various grades of coal, types of plant biomass, as well as substandard carbon-containing substances, for example, oil distillation products - heavy oil residues, can be used as raw materials at the gasification stage. Carrying out the gasification process can be implemented in various versions: air, steam-air and steam-oxygen gasification.