Pilot installations

Pilot installations

Research Institute "NTNM" is engaged in the development and manufacture of pilot plants of various sizes. Pilot plants are intended for:

  • Scaling technologies;
  • Testing catalysts with a large load;
  • Conducting long-term continuous research;
  • Product developments.

Contents (the final delivery package depends on the terms of reference):

  • Gas preparation and supply unit;
  • Liquid feed unit;
  • Raw material heating and evaporation unit;
  • Reactor block;
  • Cooling, separation and drying unit;
  • Gas circulation unit;
  • Sampling unit;
  • Unit for measuring the volume of exhaust gas;
  • Control block.


General installation information

Volume of a tubular reactor with a stationary catalyst bed, cm3


Number of reactors, pcs.


Maximum operating pressure, MPa


Maximum operating temperature, °С


Number of channels for gas supply, pcs.


Number of channels for liquid supply, pcs.


Communication with a computer via Ethernet interfaces

USB, RS232

Technical characteristics of pilot plants are developed according to customer requirements.


Control block

Control and management of process parameters

Software, SCADA diagram

Displaying parameters online

SCADA diagram

Recording Process Parameters

Data archiving