Catalytic lab-scale flow-through unit «FTU»

Catalytic lab-scale flow-through unit «FTU»


Catalytic lab-scale flow-through unit "FTU" is an automated unit based on a fixed-bed mini-reactor with a volume of up to 1.5 cm3. Desktop laboratory setup PU is designed to perform kinetic studies, evaluate the properties of catalysts, simulate catalytic processes, test the stability of catalysts and sorbents.

For maximum customer satisfaction, the unit has a modular design that can be expanded with additional options.


Main advantages:

  • Compactness;
  • Control of parameters in real time;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Operational safety;
  • Convenient user interface.

Applied tasks:

  • Hydrocarbon hydrogenation/dehydrogenation processes;
  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis;
  • Catalytic cracking and isomerization;
  • Reforming of natural gases;
  • Hydrogenation processes;
  • Catalytic oxidation;
  • Hydrotreating processes.

Basic completeness:

  • Gas supply unit;
  • Reactor block;
  • Separation unit;
  • Sampling unit;
  • Unit for measuring the volume of outgoing gas;
  • Control block.


General installation information

Installation weight, no more than kg


Overall dimensions of the installation, no more than mm


Installed power supply, kW


Volume of a tubular reactor with a fixed catalyst bed, cm3


Maximum working pressure, MPa


Maximum operating temperature, °С


The volume of the loaded catalyst, cm3


Communication with a computer (sensor monoblock) via Ethernet interfaces

USB, RS232


Control block

Monitoring and control of process parameters

Software, SCADA scheme

Displaying parameters online

SCADA diagram

Recording Process Parameters

Data archiving