Technology of electrochemical synthesis of catalysts (Pt/C) for fuel cells

Technology of electrochemical synthesis of catalysts (Pt/C) for fuel cells

The technology for the synthesis of a Pt/C catalyst for fuel cells consists in the electrochemical dispersion of two platinum electrodes of the same area under the action of an alternating pulsed current in an electrolyte (a suspension of a carbon carrier in alkali).

Synthesis options:

  • Constant mixing (300 rpm);
  • Cooling of the electrolyte to ~40°С;
  • The average density of alternating pulsed current is 1 A/cm2, the duty cycle is 25%.

The dispersion rate of platinum is ~10 mg/cm2 h. The content of platinum in the catalyst is controlled by the duration of the synthesis. The resulting catalyst is characterized by a uniform distribution of platinum particles over the support surface.

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